Kill Us All

Spring is mos def in the air in and it's looking good for live music in NSW as Great Southern Nights presents 1,000 gigs in November across the state. I'll be doing five shows with various ensembles so check out dates page for a gig near you.

Only took fifteen years since the first one but the new Dead Marines album Kill Us All is out 20th November and we'll be launching at The Gasoline Pony in Sydney on Saturday 21st November.

And for my APRA member friends I’m standing for re-election as writer director. Please log on to vote at at APRA web site once logged in click on AGM VOTING link, you can view the list of candidates and cast your vote. Please vote for me :) Voting closes next Wednesday 11th November.

And as the 36th president said, vote early, vote often! Brendo